Because Pottermore just opened to the public,


I’d like to bring this back. My friend and I want to see if there’s any sort of relationship between Hogwarts houses and personality types (we’re using Myers-Briggs for this).

If you’d like to participate, just reblog or reply to this post (or message me) with your House and type.

For houses- if you were sorted on Pottermore, I’d prefer if you used that result. If you aren’t on Pottermore, or really really don’t think that test matched you with the right house, just put the house you feel you fit in best with.

For Myers-Briggs types- if you don’t already know your Myers-Briggs type, this site is really helpful in determining which of the sixteen types best fits you. It isn’t a personality quiz, it just has information about the different elements that make up the types.

Thanks so much!

(Note- this is for our own personal nerdly enjoyment, not for Official Science or anything. When we put the data in the spreadsheet, we do not enter your username or any other identifying information- just the house and type.)

Ravenclaw, INTJ

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through the eyes of a dreamer: A Sorting Hat rant.



It REALLY bugs me when people complain that the Sorting Hat doesn’t take our opinions into consideration and thus its decision is voided. No, that’s not how it works, sorry.

It ignored Neville when he asked to be in Hufflepuff. The hat saw Voldemort’s…

Well, to be fair, I don’t think people being surprised about where they are sorted automatically means they’re shouting about how wrong the hat is. I didn’t hear of Neville wanting to be a Hufflepuff till about 2 days ago (unless it was mentioned in a book and my brain just sort of forgot about it). My boyfriend got sorted into a house he doesn’t normally associate himself with but he wasn’t mad about it. And as for those who want to just ‘make a new account’ who are we to tell them not to? If they get what they wanted cool, but if they get the same answer as they did before, maybe it’ll open their eyes a bit more. Either way, some people want a real honest experience, some people just want to be in a House they already have love for so they can wave their Potter flag. Some people take the sorting more seriously than others. Either way, nothing to get really hot and bothered over. Just my opinion :)

For the record, my response wasn’t directed at your situation so much as the pottermore tag here. There are some BIIITTTTEEEERRR people there. There are so many there who are “I’m not the house I want, I’m deleting my account, that’ll show them!” which is kinda dumb. Because I just don’t know how you would manipulate that quiz to get the house you want which is why I will laugh if they try again and get sorted into the same house they didn’t want. I mean, it’s possible there were mistake sortings or questions that would have been answered differently on a different day, but I’m pretty sure the majority are more correct than a lot of the bitter people there want to admit. 

A Sorting Hat rant.


It REALLY bugs me when people complain that the Sorting Hat doesn’t take our opinions into consideration and thus its decision is voided. No, that’s not how it works, sorry.

It ignored Neville when he asked to be in Hufflepuff. The hat saw Voldemort’s traits in Harry but in the end Harry’s nerve and determination to defy the Hat’s choice won-out and he was placed in Gryffindor. We don’t know what happened with Hermione and her sorting except that it was between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. In my opinion, it is not her intelligence that picks her out from the throng but her loyalty to Harry and her courage: that is why she is in Gryffindor. 

If you were sorted into the ‘wrong’ house then reconsider that opinion. Why did you want to be in that house to begin with? Did you want Slytherin because it’s the ‘bad’ house and it’s ‘cool’? Or Gryffindor because it’s the house of the Hero? Perhaps you thought you were smart and deserved to be in Ravenclaw or had some misguided idea that Hufflepuffs are great finders and love to eat. These are NOT the only traits of the houses. We need to recognise that our fandom skews facts and ideas and this includes the sorting criteria for the Houses. 

If you truly were a Hatstall you would have been given an option but most of us belong where we are sorted. 

Don’t abandon your House or claim that you were sorted incorrectly.


I’d love for all the people that are annoyed with their placement to make a new account in October and get THE SAME RESULTS as their first sorting. Sometimes, some people can’t sort themselves. Sorry you may have been one of them.

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House Mottos


I tried to draw Rowena Ravenclaw.

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oh you guys, we’re in the lead.
I love you all.


oh you guys, we’re in the lead.

I love you all.


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but really though i just don’t get ravenclaw as a house

there are clearly brilliant people in every other house so the intelligence thing is kind of pointless

is it just a house full of obsessive self-analysis

do they all play WoW all day

do you just lack all other personality traits idgi someone esplain to me

Clearly nooot a Ravenclaw….

For Ravenclaw, it’s not just pure intelligence, it’s cleverness as well (those are two very different things; book smarts and common sense are worlds apart, too many people demonstrate this daily). And, like others have said, it’s for those who value intelligence more than bravery or ambition or loyalty. They’re big believers in “knowledge is power.” If they’re asked the question “Would you rather be brave/powerful/loyal or smart? they would answer “Smart.”  Most likely finished with “Cause if I’m smart, then I can achieve all those other things,” but still, smart first; it’s the priority.

And really, Hufflepuff is a much bigger mystery imo. Ravenclaw makes a lot more sense to me than Hufflepuff. Not that I have anything against them, but really Helga said “she’d take the rest?” WELL THAT’S DESCRIPTIVE OF THEIR PERSONALITIES THNX JK.

House Pride

House Pride