Tell me if you guys think I’m way off with any of these, but pretty sure these are the knives used in the movie. Basically, I’ve spent way too much time examining the handles and matching them up with various photos and screen shots. Clove uses exclusively throwing knives, so I’ve just spent a lot of time scouring the internet for such and now my browsing history probably makes me look like a serial killer. Also, this makes me wonder why in hell she threw Katniss HER ONE BOWIE KNIFE. SERIOUSLY?! Continuity fail. 

Training Knives: UC1255 Lightning Bolt Throwing Knives 

Top of vest: Trademark Throwing Knives, possibly Linder Throwing Knives, very hard to tell just by the handles cause it’s pretty generic 

Middle of vest: UC0926 Lightning Bolt Throwing Knives

Bottom of vest: GH947C Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwing Knives

Knife held against Katniss’s neck/knife kept in leg sheath: Boker Mini BO-KRI